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  • Dedicated podcast manager
  • 1 weekly podcast episode edited, published, and syndicated
  • 2 weekly social media assets (choice of videograms, audiograms or quote cards)
  • 1 weekly cover art image per episode
  • Amazing customer support
  • Access to exclusive member events
  • Access to community, resources, and networking
  • Enhanced Done For You Shownotes
  • Youtube - episodes produced and published on YouTube
  • 1 weekly YouTube thumbnail

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"The team at Amplifyou has gone above and beyond to help me create a podcast that I can't wait to share weekly. Their insider secrets are priceless and their support is over the top. Highly recommend working with the team."

Catherine, Catherine O'leary


"Authentic, thoughtful, patient, and insightful motivators who'll amplify your voice and podcast ideas! "

Caroline Smalley

The Citizens Media Ltd.

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